My Story

I’m Vanessa Paisley, a fashion designer from the town. I love coming from the town and get a lot of attention already about my surname – Paisley. People are always fascinated by my surname and if it relates to Paisley – I’m not sure what its origins are, I’m just happy to have the name.


I’ve just graduated from University and I have this Paisley Pattern dress to prove it. That was my design for our final project. I decided early on that I wanted to base my design on Paisley’s textile heritage. I was so excited about it I remember when we were given the brief that I was already planning ideas of what I wanted to do.

It just seemed to fit perfectly. I researched future trends and found one entitled “Artisan” – it was based on hand crafting, relaxed tailoring and had a historical feel to it. I knew instantly that this was the style I wanted to work with as it related so much to Paisley. I also wanted to showcase women in the workplace in history – something that the Paisley Mill Girls knew an awful lot about.

The printing on my garment is inspired by both Indian block printing and Paisley weaving. I felt that linking the two cultures together was perfect. I was really pleased by the outcome and how the dress looked on the models. It was perfect. 

I love Paisley right now. There are all these new bars and restaurants popping up and there is such a buzz around the place. Every time something new opens everyone I know is eager to go and try it out. It has really changed how people feel about the town and made people want to have a night out in Paisley – something that was unheard of a few years ago.

I think new developments are really changing the town for the better. I really hope Paisley continues to develop business opportunities for niche and creative businesses – that’s what we really need. It’s about creating businesses and retail that are ‘Paisley’ through and through.

I would love to start my own brand and range of clothes right in the heart of town. Now that I’ve finished uni it is a bit scary to think that I can now work towards making that a reality.