My Story

I'm Suzie Mac and I'm a blogger and presenter from Paisley. I’ve been all over the world and lived in different cities, but I always come back home to Paisley.

I’m from Paisley and I am supporting Paisley 2021.

I really want us to do it. I think the town can be UK City of Culture 2021 because we’re such an amazing town.

What do I love about Paisley? I love the fact that every time I go on holiday I have to explain to people that I’m not Glaswegian, I’m actually from Paisley.

I know I’m a “Buddie” but I wish we had a Paisley-wegian kind of word because it would sound a wee bit better, wouldn’t it?

I really want us to win UK City of Culture. The main reason is because Paisley is my hometown.

I’ve been all over the world, lived in different cities, I’ve travelled but I always come back home to Paisley.

I just love it. There’s something that makes me feel content when I’m here and it makes me feel that anything is possible.

And I think that the people in Paisley just have to be optimistic and think that we can get this – we can get Paisley 2021.

Everything is possible in life. We can do this. We can do this guys!

Watch Suzie’s video blog as she talks about growing up in Paisley, attending PACE Youth Theatre, her favourite location and why she is backing Paisley to become UK City of Culture 2021.