Our Story

Paisley South Housing Association are our latest Paisley 2021 Ambassadors. In their guest blog, they tell us why there are a lot of local people of work for the Association who are very proud of living in Paisley.

In what ways does Paisley bidding to be UK City of culture benefit your organisation?

Paisley Housing Association is hoping that the UK City of Culture bid and hopefully consequent success will kick start physical regeneration that will benefit our organisation.

The murals by Paisley First are a good example of this. Paisley has some wonderful buildings which are all part of the rich heritage of the town.

Why do you think Paisley has what it takes to be UK City of Culture? ( from your experience as an organisation)

There are a lot of local people who work for the Association who are very proud of living in Paisley.


How do you plan to use your new role as a Paisley 2021 Ambassador organisation?

All staff and Committee are constantly promoting the benefits of Paisley being a City of Culture at Conferences and events and the positive effects that could bring.

Are there any future projects/ updates within you organisation that you could tell us about? ( anything you have coming up/ progress that we can make people aware of!)

Paisley Housing Association will be working with local people in the Town Centre to regenerate the West End of Paisley as part of our Environmental Strategy commencing Autumn 2017.

We are also working in Orchard Street with Owners and residents to refurbish  5 closes including a listed building.

Finally we move into our new Office in the heart of Paisley, Assurance House, in 2017!