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As Paisley waved off its bid for UK City of Culture 2021, the bid documents themselves were all given a unique twist.

Artists, designers and groups with links to the town were invited to design bespoke front covers for the documents.

Bound with thread donated from Coats, the company to whom Paisley’s fortunes were tied and which is still a global force, each has its own Paisley inspired design.

As they are handed over to the judging panel of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport who organise the competition, we can reveal the inspiration behind some of the 25 covers.

Read Kevin Cantwell and the Paisley Disability Resource Centre Art Group's story below.

The Art group’s front cover choice seemed an obvious one as they had been experimenting with abstract buildings and landmarks in Paisley.

Tutor Kevin said: “It seemed like a natural progression to do a similar work. They were all done in bigger mediums but the cover had to be fitted onto an A4 canvas so it was quite amusing when I gave them all a wee practice.

“They all created a smaller version to start with on a piece of paper and then transferred their idea onto part of the canvas and it was all sectioned out.”


Full time artist Kevin said the group, who meet every Wednesday morning, made the decision that they would all do their work in whatever style they wanted, with some using pens and others using paint.

Kevin, who created a stunning tree mural in the town’s Lady Lane earlier this year for a Paisley First Walls Series, added: “It was all in their own styles. They were overjoyed by the whole process of it. “We talked our way through it hoping it would work and it was great to get through and be chosen for a front cover.

“It was really all about having fun and creating something. It’s made us all feel part of the UK City of Culture bid and we’ve all been talking about it.

“It would be great to see the community of Paisley back to what it was. I remember coming in to the centre when it was all hustle and bustle and the nightlife was great. Obviously it won’t go back to quote like that but there’s a new generation who could have great things to come.”