My Story

I'm Mel Watt and I am the creator of Misty Concepts, where I create handmade origami and interior accessories. I'll be taking part in events for this year's Sma Shot Day and Weave Festival.

Hi, I’m Mel, the creator of Misty Concepts which I opened in Paisley in 2015. I create handmade origami-inspired lighting, interior accessories and greeting cards which are all available online and in a few stores like the InCube Shop.

Paisley means a lot to me and my business. I first started my business to fund my love of origami as a hobby but through InCube, a creative business incubator in Paisley, they’ve helped me realise my business into a growing and successful one.

InCube and their affiliates have given me a tremendous amount of confidence to help steer my business in the right direction. I never intended to turn my hobby into a full-time career but Paisley’s help has truly inspired me to believe in myself and my capabilities.

I think one of the things that people don’t realise about Paisley is that it is so supportive of small businesses like Misty Concepts and they’re so passionate about taking back Paisley’s once prestigious name that it rubs off on others as it certainly has on me.

The bid for the UK City of Culture 2021 is such a fantastic way to bring more interest into Paisley.

That is, more businesses, more jobs, town improvements and so on. So far, it has made a positive impact on the townscape and its people which is very clearly evident.

For small creative businesses like myself, it’s a great way to get involved in something that is so much more. It’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase my products and reach a wider audience.

Support your local small businesses and get the word out there about Paisley’s 2021 bid for the City of Culture either via social media or by word of mouth.

Misty Concepts is hosting workshops at Weave Festival and Sma Shot Day taking you into the fascinating world of the art of paper folding through the creation of origami peace crane keepsakes.

The workshop is suitable for adults however children aged 6 years and over are welcome with an accompanying adult. Sessions last two hours and there are 10 places available during each session. Register for the event at