My Story

My name is Lynne MacLachlan and I am a designer, maker and researcher of digital tools. I’ve always been proud of my links to Paisley and its history.

I am a designer, maker and researcher of digital tools, I make sculptural, colourful jewellery that plays with light, space and colour to create optical effects. I have just recently moved back with my young family to nearby Paisley and I’m really excited at the prospect of Paisley as the 2021 City of Culture.

After a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a short stint in industry I returned to education to study Jewellery and Metalwork at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, I wanted to get closer to the making of things and the jewellery workshop was where I could do this. I then went on to a MA at the Royal College of Art in London, and set up my design practice on graduation. I am in the process of finishing off my PhD, research how designers use tools creatively.

I’ve always been proud of my links to Paisley and its history. My grandparents worked in the textile mills and were a part of that vibrant industry that built the town, these jobs allowed my father to go on to university and ultimately in turn allow me to pursue a more creative career path.

Generally the textile heritage of the town definitely reminds how powerful design and innovation can be for a town, which is inspiring.

I suspect a lot of people have no idea how stunning much of the architecture is in Paisley, a valuable by product of the town industrial sucesses. Just one example is the town hall, there for the Paisley Beer festival and was (once again) blown away by the beauty of it, particularly some of the elegant upper rooms. That day it was a great atmosphere in a very handsome setting, something I don’t think could be replicated in many other places.

I really hope it will bring and help develop some really high quality and cutting edge art and design to the town and surrounding area. If it does I hope that it can bring inspiration to some of the younger residents to follow in this vocation, and be enjoyed by a wider range of people than may be the norm.