My Story

I’m Lisa Kowalski, a singer-songwriter from Paisley. Music is my everything and I love singing and writing new songs. That’s why I love busking on Paisley High Street so much – I get to share my music with people and they are all so fantastic. They give me so much support and I get such a buzz from playing in Paisley.


I started playing guitar around 3 years ago when I was 13 and I took to playing my music in Paisley almost straight away. It was mainly on Saturdays and during the summer – basically when I wasn’t in school. Right from the start I found that the businesses and other buskers in town were happy to hear my singing and they definitely helped spur me on.

Open mics nights were also really important to get my face known in town. They really helped me get into more gigs and they are great places to jam with people and create new music. I have a good musical ear so I pick up new songs easily.

There are plenty of organisations in town that are supporting young musicians like myself – such as Create Paisley, Loud n Proud, Brick Lane Studios. I think it’s great that we have such a fantastic musical heritage but the town is also supporting younger musicians right now.

I will finish school next year and I’m saving up to go travelling. I want to visit America and Europe but I’m starting off with the UK first. I won’t be going anywhere until  after  my Ten Years of Taylor gig takes place on 13 August in the Classic Grand, Glasgow. Taylor Swift is my idol – I love everything about her and she is one of the reasons I got into music.

Music means I can be creative and I can take my own path. I find inspiration everywhere but Paisley has definitely been one of my biggest inspirations – the town is filled with history, heritage and culture. I’ve written a song about the town – I hope to include it in my first EP that I’m looking to get out later this year.

Ultimately I would love to go to Nashville – that would be amazing. That’s my goal.