My Story

Around seven years ago I started XBL Gamer Hub – I wanted a new way for gamers to interact and engage with one another and there wasn’t anything like that online back then. In that time it’s become one of the biggest gaming social communities in Scotland – 30,000 people - that’s an achievement I’m proud of and I did all that from my home in Glenburn.


I’m passionate about online gaming – it’s a great community and I believe that bringing people together to share their love of gaming will only make it stronger.

So that’s what XBL Gamer Hub is all about getting folks to play together in a community rather than in isolation. It is also about listening to what people want – such as starting gaming tournaments. The biggest thing for me has been to get people talking – that’s the best bit.

Getting known online is often the biggest challenges for new sites – such as how to get your site coming up first on Google and gaining followers on social media. Looking at how others are doing things, learning all the time about the capabilities of social media and what people want from an online community.

XBL Gamer Hub thrives on gaming events, reviewing games and gaming news – all provided in a way that suits the audience. That’s really important to me – that we speak as peers and have a great conversation.

I’ve got a great team working with me and I’ve got loads of plans for the future – not only for XBL Gamer Hub, but also for my side project Paisley Mysteries and Heritage. There are some exciting developments in the pipeline that will see me doing my bit to support Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 and I’m proud to be a part of that.