My Story

My name is Gary Chittick. I work as a manager for Renfrewshire Council but my free time lets me indulge in my love of photography. You are likely to find me on a mountain with my Paisley 2021 flag and my camera

My name is Gary Chittick. I'm an adventurous soul, making as much time as possible for travels, adventure and experiences. The working week sees me working hard as a project lead and manager for Renfrewshire Council but my free time lets me volunteer and also indulge in my love of the outdoors and photography. You are likely to find me on a mountain with my Paisley 2021 flag or with my camera, and often both!

What does Paisley mean to you? How has it shaped your career and inspired your work?

I've lived and worked around Paisley for the majority of my life and so it holds a special place for me - it'll always be a place I see as home. Paisley is unique with a great mix of people, places and events to enjoy throughout the year. As a photographer, the town and Renfrewshire overall gives me a constant supply of subjects, from unique historical buildings and architecture to green spaces and landscapes. It will always be somewhere I can connect with.

Enjoying the outdoors in Renfrewshire in the autumn last year inspired me to take some images in Perthshire in October which resulted in a Scottish Landscape Photographer of The Year commendation. My work has also been used by VisitScotland, BBC Scotland, STV, the national press and exhibited at The Photography Show in Birmingham. A goal of mine would certainly be to have an award winning image taken in Paisley or Renfrewshire!

What makes Paisley special? What does it have to offer that people might not know about?

Paisley has an understated beauty. Paisley is the confident, attractive character in the room that doesn't need to shout about it but still lets you know it's there. Paisley is a great walking town and you are always likely to discover something new in the streets whether you are exploring for 5 minutes or 5 hours. We have a lot of creative talent in Paisley and Renfrewshire, including a number of fantastic photographers and I hope that as many people as possible can enjoy seeing images from the area.

What do you think about the bid - what  will the benefits be to your line of work and Renfrewshire as a whole?

The bid will continue to help us hold onto and add to the growing list of fantastic events like the British Pipe Band Championships, Paisley Beer and Food Festival, The Spree, Monte Carlo Rallye, Scottish Album of the Year Awards, Doors Open Day and Festive Light Switch On's.

Added to this, the refurbishment of our iconic buildings and the protection of our natural landscapes protects a range of photographic subjects helping me  to continue to capture our proud town at its best, day and night!

What is your message for other residents? What should they do to back the bid?

We all only get once chance at this journey - go out and enjoy your town and county, encourage others to do the same. Be positive about the future and give yourself experiences that will last a lifetime and make Paisley a part of them.

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