My Story

My name is Carla and I live in Erskine, Renfrewshire. I currently work for Renfrewshire Council in Youth Services and I believe that Paisley would be the most amazing place to be awarded UK City of Culture 2021. 

Hi, my name is Carla. I am 18 years old and I live in Erskine, Renfrewshire.

I currently work for Renfrewshire Council in the Youth Services department in Paisley. I have been in the role for about a month now.

My role within the department is Creative and Digital Media Assistant (MA). Right now, my main roles are to work on the Young Renfrewshire page to try and get more of a following and to get more information out for youths in the Renfrewshire area. As well as this is, I try to work on using social media platforms as more of an engagement tool.

I work on writing articles for the local Young Scot page too. My current focus is the Paisley 2021 bid for UK City of Culture and trying to get as many youths involved and inform them of the bid - as well as the chance to work alongside young people.

I am from Paisley but moved to Erskine when I was young. However, most of my earliest memories are in Paisley. I grew up in the Seedhill area of the town; therefore, every time I come back it feels lovely and nostalgic.

I attended East Nursery in Paisley, now I believe it is called Williamsburgh Nursey. I attended here five of the seven days I was in Paisley and I was there during weekends too.

 I saw my cousin and my sister almost every single day and we had the most fun that you could ever imagine any children to have.

We were mainly left to our own devices and had to make our own fun. We would sneak into Seedhill playing fields on a warm day, as my grandpa’s back garden had a door that lead straight onto the playing fields.

We were only allowed out there if we asked and stayed in sight of the house, but my fondest memories were on the warm sunny days and we used to run out the gate and just run and run.

We would walk with gran to the local Somerfield, which is now a Tesco. I specifically remember crossing the playing fields and sneaking through a gap in the fence - with my granny! That always seemed really cool to me as it was my gran who was doing something rebellious.

Being back in Paisley most days for work has been a real eye opener for me and has made me miss being here. I am grateful to be back and it has seriously made me consider moving back with my partner this coming year.

I believe that Paisley would be the most amazing place to be awarded UK City of Culture 2021 and I support the bid. The history behind the Paisley area is incredible and I wish people knew more about why I think Paisley should be awarded the UK City of Culture 2021. 

I believe if I can try and get people, especially youths and people in Paisley and surrounding areas, behind the bid then we can all make Paisley a better place. I truly believe that this bid can make things better and it makes me so proud to not only come from Paisley, but be a part of something as big as this.