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Andrew B. Malcolm, of the Malcolm Group, is our latest blogger and he discusses why becoming UK City of Culture 2021 would re-energise Paisley.  

As a company, WH Malcolm has been operating in the Paisley area for over 90 years and in that time have grown from literally a horse and cart business to one with a turnover of now over £200m.

We could be said to have grown with Paisley and, as one of its main employers, would welcome the town becoming recognised by the other parts of the country.

Due to its proximity to Glasgow, Paisley’s own heritage, architectural and cultural assets tend to be overlooked and a successful bid will drive forward regeneration and transform the area’s future.

We believe the economic activity stimulated by Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture would encourage people to live in the area.

From our perspective, we are desperately in need of lorry drivers in the area and attracting people with the prospect of a job will certainly help our company.

In general, being a UK City of Culture would create new and sustainable jobs and re-energise the area.

It is a truly exciting time for Scotland’s largest town and this would be greatly enhanced and supported by becoming the City of Culture.

The bid has the full backing of this company, and me, and hopefully the hidden gems of the town will be shown to other people by a successful bid for this prestigious event.