My Story

Amanda McMillan OBE is CEO of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton Airports. As one of only two women airport MDs in Europe her influence is truly global. Read our Q&A with Amanda below.

Born and brought up in Linwood, Amanda attended the University of Glasgow and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. She held posts at the drinks giant Diageo before taking over at the helm of Glasgow Airport in 2008.

She is a member of the Paisley 2021 Bid Partnership Board.             

What does Paisley mean to you?

Paisley has a dual meaning in terms of my present and past. It’s the home town of our business and a very important partner of Glasgow Airport. I also have very fond childhood memories of Paisley. The town played a big part in my upbringing - we went there to do our ‘big shopping’.

How has it shaped your career and inspired your work?

My first job was working on Saturdays in Wimpy, which had just opened. I learned the importance of being on time. It’s also where I learned inter-personal skills and that you had to work hard to earn a crust.

What makes Paisley special?

It has all the qualities of a major city, but still maintains the identity and charm you’d associate with a Scottish town. Paisley is a magnificent town of great stature and iconic architecture. It also has a real sense of scale you wouldn’t associate with many towns.

What does it have to offer that people might not know about?

For a start it has an international airport! The airport’s often called the gateway to Scotland and having Scotland’s principle long-haul airport only a couple of miles from the town centre with access to millions of passengers has got to be a big plus for Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture.


Paisley also has lots of beautiful parks. It has the White Cart water running through the centre right past the town hall, a stunning Abbey and wonderful museum.

What do you think about the bid?

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Paisley and a great opportunity to showcase not only the obvious physical aspects of the town, but also its people and culture. A successful bid would be a major boost for Paisley and its people.

What would be the benefit to local businesses if Paisley won?

The airport’s a local business, so from our point of view a successful bid would certainly increase in-bound passenger numbers as people visit the town. For other local businesses it would hopefully lead to growth and inward investment. Capitalising on a successful bid before, during and after 2021 would be crucial and turn up the volume on the town’s many assets.    

What is your message to residents & businesses? 

It’s absolutely vital that everyone plays their part. It’s too important an opportunity to miss and ultimately Paisley, its people and businesses will benefit. Everyone needs to come together to make the bid as powerful as possible, so that 2021 becomes a truly unforgettable year for Paisley.