Paisley pupils promote their town through special children’s book

Pupils at St Andrew’s Academy in Paisley have been promoting their town’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021 through a special illustrated children’s book.

S2 art and design pupils at the school have created a story called Anna’s Adventure, which follows a little girl’s epic journey to spread Christmas cheer across Scotland before completing her mission in her beloved Paisley.

Paisley pupils promote their town through special children’s book

The class of 20 pupils took just three months on the school’s Inter-Disciplinary Lesson project to produce and manufacture their books to a high standard with printers Document Solutions.

The tale sees an excited Anna wake up at 6am on Christmas Day - but her joy quickly turns to disappointment when she finds an empty tree in her living room.

When she discovers a note from Santa telling her to be “kind and caring” to the people of Scotland, Anna goes on a journey to spread happiness.

The adventure sees Anna go hunting for Mary, Queen of Scots’ crown before a trip to the Kelpies and a chance encounter with the Loch Ness Monster.

The last stop on her journey takes her back to Paisley; the place where she feels most at home.

Paisley is bidding to be UK City of Culture 2021 and the initial bid was lodged with competition organisers, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, at the end of April.

The bid aims to use the town’s unique heritage and cultural story to transform its future and St Andrew’s Academy art and design teacher, Stephanie Bell, said the pupils were excited to promote Paisley in their story. 

Stephanie said: “The pupils came up with the ideas for everything and they wanted to do something that would represent them as individuals, their community of Paisley and Scotland in general. They wanted to document it and get their own artwork out there.

“They were very excited about the thought that they could associate the book with the Paisley 2021 bid and show that it’s not just practitioners and working people, but it’s also the pupils of Paisley who are representing the art culture.

After gaining a fantastic response from fellow pupils and teachers at St Andrew’s Academy, the class now aim to sell their book to the public.

A second class has also produced a story titled Forever Friends and the art and design department are developing other books to showcase the pupils’ talent in the future.

Stephanie said: “The kids are hoping to sell the book to as many people as they know and then we are going to see if any primary schools would be interested in it as well, so we can publicise the book as much as possible.

“There were 20 pupils involved in the first book, but we have got other classes that are doing other illustrated children’s books which will hopefully be sold at later dates.

“It may become an annual thing but we are definitely going to keep promoting Paisley through them!”

You can see excerpts from Anna’s Adventure in the pictures above. If you would be interested in buying a copy of the book, contact teacher Stephanie Bell on or call St Andrew’s Academy on 0141 887 5201.