10 spectacular photographs captured around Paisley

Take a look at these stunning images captured by local photographer Gary Chittick as he showcases the town's beauty with his work.

Gary Chittick spends his working week as a project lead and manager for Renfrewshire Council, but his spare time sees him indulge in his love of the outdoors and photography.

In his own words, you are likely to find him "on a mountain with my Paisley 2021 flag or with my camera, and often both".

Gary says Paisley will always be somewhere that he can connect with. The town and Renfrewshire overall gives him a constant supply of subjects, from unique historical buildings and architecture to green spaces and landscapes.

Here, he tells you the story behind some of his favourite photographs taken around Paisley. 

1. Aurora from Glennifer Braes


As an experienced "aurora chaser", this was an image from one of my favourite displays from Renfrewshire. The beams and movement were visible to the naked eye and lasted about 20 minutes.


2. Paisley Skyline and Noctilucent Clouds


Often visible between May and July, these noctilucent (night shining) clouds made for an interesting horizon on this view from Saucel Hill.


3. Glennifer Braes Lightning


A disclaimer first - I do not recommend standing outside in a lightning storm with an assortment of metallic items. The chance of capturing a lightning bolt in our own backyard was too inviting to pass up though!


4. Anchor Mill and Noctilucent Clouds


An evening image of the iconic Anchor Mills but this time with a very still White Cart River and some noctilucent clouds visible to the north.


5. Paisley Abbey


Lit up for various events throughout the year, the historic Paisley Abbey always looks amazing. This image was on the same evening as the Monte Carlo Classique Rallye set off.


6. Paisley Fireworks


Now an annual tradition, the Paisley Fireworks spectacular is always a fantastic event. This was shot from Saucel Hill where dozens of Buddies were enjoying the spectacle.


7. Glennifer Braes, Tree Lined Avenue


Without doubt, my favourite tree-lined avenue in Renfrewshire on the Glennifer Braes, It looks amazing no matter the season. This image was taken in winter.


8. Craigielinn Falls, Glennifer Braes Country Park


This waterfall can be spectacular, especially after some rain. Best of all, it's right on our doorstep.


9. Monte Carlo Classique Rallye, Paisley Town Centre


Another fantastic night enjoying the only UK start point of the rallye. Lots of fantastic cars to be seen including the Paisley 2021 logo car, the Chrysler Sunbeam, produced just down the road in Linwood.


10. British Pipe Band Championships, St James' Playing Fields


My first visit to the championships in Paisley this year and there was so many smiling, concentrating faces enjoying the day. A fantastic day of music showing off Paisley to the UK and the world.

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