Paisley has an amazing story to share

It's the story of a small market town transformed into an international textile producer, recognised the world over for design, innovation, activism, poetry and song.

The home of thousands of weavers who threaded together the Paisley-Patterned shawls which carried our name around the world, and who campaigned for social justice, fair employment and access to education.

A place where giant thread mills employed tens of thousands of people well into the 20th century.

Our new website is telling Paisley's story to the world once again.

Paisley - the story so far

There have been some outstanding moments since we announced that Paisley was bidding for UK City of Culture 2021 back in November 2015. Paisley 2021’s takeover at Holyrood, Paolo Nutini backing the bid, Morgan Spence’s LEGO film to name a few. We have captured all these and more in our Paisley 2021 – the story so far.