What is Renfrewshire Restored?

Renfrewshire Restored is a project from Renfrewshire Leisure which looks at historical film captured from across the area.

Renfrewshire Restored grew out of the activities of the Paisley Camcorder Club which meets regularly at Paisley Museum.

Members of the club had old films which they wanted scanned and transferred to digital. These films of yesteryear proved very popular at local filmshows such as ‘Renfrew on Film’ and ‘Good old Paisley’.

The films featured here represent three particular strands of work:

  • 16mm films, which was sourced from the Paisley Museum and Heritage Centre. 
  • 8mm home movies made by local amateur filmmakers and hobbyists.
  • Films of Falconer Houston, a local art teacher who made films about Paisley with local schoolchildren in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Like many old films from the last century Falconer’s films lay forgotten in the back of cupboard and were only rediscovered due to hard work of the members of the Camcorder Club.

These films offer a unique glimpse into our past and uncover the roots of filmmaking in Renfrewshire.  Renfrewshire Restored hope that these films will be treasured by generations to come.

Click the panels below to watch the three different films...