Welcome to the Renfrewshire Cultural Map!


Cultural mapping is about showing 'what is happening where' and revealing a cultural picture of an area.

As part of the Paisley 2021 bid, this cultural map of Renfrewshire has been developed by Alison McCandlish, PhD student at the University of West of Scotland (UWS). 

The map aims to showcase the cultural assets of Renfrewshire, in all their many forms.

A building or venue, or an organisation which does cultural things, can be called a ‘cultural asset’ and plotted on the map.

Nine categories of cultural activity are captured on the map:

  • Community
  • History, heritage and architecture
  • Sports, leisure and open spaces
  • Film, broadcast and digital activities
  • Music
  • Literature and spoken word
  • Visual arts
  • Theatre and dance
  • Fashion, design and applied arts

Cultural assets are represented by coloured dots on the map. Simply click on each dot and information about that particular asset will pop-up!

Want to be added to the map?

Click on this link to open up our online form and send us the details.

Maybe you run a dance school, take part in a sports club or create unique artworks? Perhaps you have a pub, café or venue which people can hire for exhibitions, meetings or performances?   

By adding yourself to the map you can:

  • Publicise your work, your organisation or your venue.
  • Showcase work – for example, include a video link or website link.
  • Join in with a cultural project which is part of Paisley 2021.

You should provide:

  • Your name (or the group name).
  • Address (as you would like it to appear on the map).
  • A short description of the group or activities which you carry out.
  • Up to three website links about your group or activities.

Choose a category which best applies to your work or group from the drop down menu. 

All of the information which you provide will be added to the cultural map.  The information is stored on a secure Renfrewshire Council server.