Sma’ Shot to feature in Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology

It was with great excitement that the Paisley 2021 team learned that 2017 is to be Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology (YoHHA).

Sma’ Shot to feature in Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology

Paisley is rich in all three and has attracted additional funding from national agencies to build its annual Sma’ Shot Day festival into a two day showcase for the town’s weaving heritage and historic international textile connections.

Sma’ Shot Day is one of the oldest workers festivals in the world dating back to 1856 when the town’s weavers triumphed in their dispute with local mill owners over non-payment for the “sma’ shot”, an invisible but crucial thread in the production of the world famous and iconic Paisley Pattern.

The first day of the festival (July 1) will feature the rousing Sma’ Shot parade with hundreds of performers wending their way through the streets, culminating in the spectacular burning of the ‘Cork’.

While the whole weekend (July 1 – 2) will use Paisley’s magnificent historic buildings, including majestic Paisley Abbey, quirky Coats Observatory and fascinating Sma’ Shot Cottages, as the backdrop to a programme of cultural activities that will leave visitors in no doubt that the town is worthy of the title UK City of Culture 2021.