Paisley 2021 blog - Neil Bibby MSP

As someone who was born and lives in Paisley, I have a long-standing love for the town. Paisley town centre has a proud past and rich built heritage with the highest concentration of listed buildings in Scotland outside of Edinburgh.

From my office on St Mirren Street, I am fortunate to have a view over the historical Town Hall and impressive Abbey which hold an important place in Scotland's national history.

I know many people who on visiting the town for the first time have remarked to me that they were unaware Paisley had so many beautiful buildings and they are right to be struck by the wonderful architecture.

Paisley began as a small market town but was transformed by the industrial revolution into a world-wide textile hub. It was from here that the world famous Paisley Pattern would put our town on the map.

The Paisley of today is still an outward looking town as one of the first fairtrade towns. As a University town Paisley is also home to lots of international students.

Without doubt Paisley's greatest asset is its people. Although the largest town in Scotland, Paisley is still a community. Paisley is a diverse town with people from a multitude of different social and economic backgrounds. People in Paisley take care and look out for their fellow 'Buddies'. An enduring commitment to social justice by many people past and present make the town the great place that it is today.

Paisley also has a great cultural tradition with many famous artists, poets and musicians coming from the town. From my own experience I know that Paisley can put on a great show having attended fantastic events recently such as the British Pipe Band Championships.

Paisley has a lot to offer and it is for these reasons that I am fully backing Paisley’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2021 and put our area on the map once again.