How to make Lemon & Coconut Squares with Three Sisters Bake

Paisley Food Festival is set to bring a one-day culinary carnival of local food and delicacies from across the globe to the centre of Paisley.

Now in its third year, the free one-day food festival will take place on Saturday 22 April from 12noon to 7pm.

One of the amazing local vendors in attendance at the festival will be Three Sisters Bake.

The cafe and bakery, based in Quarriers Village, Renfrewshire since 2011, will be showcasing their signature cakes, as well as their savoury and sweet treats.

In March 2014, the Three Sisters Bake published their first cafe cookbook, ‘Three Sisters Bake: Delectable Recipes for Everyday’.

Before the festival begins, you can find out how to make one of the Three Sisters Bake’s mouth-watering cakes - Lemon & Coconut Squares.

These easy to make squares are the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon cup of tea, sharing with friends or even for a bit of quality family baking time.

Watch this video as the Three Sisters Bake show you how to make their delicious Lemon & Coconut Squares and follow the recipe below.



Please take a tin and line with grease proof paper.

For the base:

385g butter

350g white chocolate

385g condensed milk

2 cups desiccated coconut

3x lemon zest

700g digestive biscuits


For the topping

670g icing sugar

170g butter, softened

8x tbsp. lemon juice

6x tbsp. desiccated coconut

Melt butter and white chocolate in an ice cream tub

Meanwhile blitz the digestives until crumbs

Zest the lemons into the biscuits, add coconut and mix well

Add the condensed milk to the chocolate mixture

Mix thoroughly until completely combined into one mix


Combine biscuit mix and chocolate mix

Mix until completely coated and no dry crumb visible

Line tin with baking paper. Tip mixture into tin

Leave in fridge overnight


To make the frosting

Blend the icing sugar, butter and lemon  juice until smooth

Spread over the base and finish with horizontal lines. Shake coconut over the top to create an even spread on the icing

Leave in fridge

Cut into rectangles – 5cmx5cm



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