Guest blog: Young people are a wealth of musical talent in Renfrewshire

Young people are at the heart of what we do at Brick Lane Studios and hundreds of young people use our facilities every week, whether it be to learn an instrument or form bands with like minded young musicians and singers.  To see so many young people develop their musical capability is very encouraging and supports the claim that Renfrewshire has a wealth of musical talent. 

Guest blog: Young people are a wealth of musical talent in Renfrewshire

Seeing young acts such as The Five Cousins and Catholic Action propel into great gigging acts and supporting big names throughout the UK is very encouraging too.  There are many more hot on their heels!

I am a musician myself and have a great passion for music performance and production.  I felt that Paisley needed a musical hub offering a professional environment to attract back many of the mature musicians who travelled to Glasgow for such facilities.   It's great to see this all come together two and a half years down the line.

Brick Lane Studios is in the very centre of Paisley.  The studios offers services such as music tuition, through the Diane Mitchell music school,  a youth music club at the weekends, PA and equipment Hire and a commercial video production company.

Our services extend to the community too and we work with both The Sunshine Recovery Cafe Guitar Club and Gateway Renfrewshire Council providing facilities and support.  The Youth Club have applied for funding to create free places for young people from Renfrewshire who cannot afford to attend but have the passion and skills to be part of the Club.   I have also recently been involved with supplying Acts for some Town Centre Events and am enjoying being part of the BID journey for Paisley 2021.  

I believe, as we nurture more young talent and continue to give them a platform to perform, we will see the next Gerry Rafferty or Paulo Nuttini.  Let's not forget about the hidden talent in Paisley, the people who cannot afford to access such facilities and encourage their participation.  Paisley can become a music town and play a major part in regeneration of it's centre.  The music can provide us with a international voice and this will be so when we produce a Paisley 2021 Album consisting of Renfrewshire Artists performing original tracks about Paisley past, present and future in the summer of 2017.