Guest blog: Paisley is where my musical journey began

My name is Johnny Barr and I am singer/songwriter based in Paisley.

As well as pursuing my solo music career with touring and recording I am also a guitar teacher and live music booker.

I am passionate about helping the Paisley music scene to expand and compete with surrounding cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Guest blog: Paisley is where my musical journey began

Paisley was where I first started performing as a musician. Since it is where my musical journey began it will always be remembered and will always be somewhere I want to return to as a musician.

The town offers a wide selection of live music daily which includes open mic nights, upcoming original artists and regular band nights varying from Rock to Jazz music in local pubs and music venues such as The Bungalow, The Old Swan Inn, Hamishes Hoose, Saporitos, The Cave and many others.

Furthermore, you can find several other creative art events occurring including poetry nights, Art Exhibitions and drama.

I strongly believe that Paisley should be recognised as 2021 City of Culture. It has a vibrant and strengthening creative arts scene that will only improve as myself and every other creative arts representative continue to work hard at developing its reputation.

If we, the people of Paisley, want to be the 2021 City of Culture we have to actively work together as a community and support all events and businesses that remain in Paisley.

Choose to come to anything that is right on your doorstep and choose to spread the positive word to anyone considering visiting.

Watch Johnny Barr and Calum Ingram's fantastic cover of Prince's legendary hit Purple Rain below.