Guest blog: cultural engagement enhances and empowers communities

Cultural engagement enhances and empowers communities, offering inclusion and instilling hope. It improves well-being, gives a shared purpose and a feeling of belonging to something bigger: it’s about feeling valued, heard, and proud.

Paisley and wider Renfrewshire has an extensive and enviable list of assets, the greatest of which is its people, those who have family woven through our history to those who have come to the town for work, love or study and made it their home. The UK City of Culture 2021 bid is an important opportunity to connect the dots, celebrate who we were, are and can be, and use our collective potential to change lives.

To us, culture speaks of shared identity, shared ideas, values, history and finding common bonds that bring people together. We are a heritage rich, forward-looking town full of proud and good people all ready to share their story, embracing our past and looking with excitement to the future.

Emma and Sharon