Find out more about the Paisley Tartan on Tartan Day

Today is Tartan Day and members of the Scots Diaspora will be donning their finest plaid to celebrate their heritage at events all around the world.

We may all be familiar with the striking patterns often seen on kilts and scarves, but did you know Paisley has its own tartan?

Find out more about the Paisley Tartan on Tartan Day

The Paisley Tartan was designed by Allan C. Drennan in 1952 when it won a first prize at Kelso Highland Show.

It is recognised as the Paisley district tartan and has since gone on to be regarded as a family tartan for those of the name Paisley.

Allan C. Drennan, who worked for the Anchor Mills in Paisley, also designed the Duke of Edinburgh in 1955.

Ken MacDonald is owner of the world-famous, 4th generation Houston Traditional Kiltmakers in Paisley and has been involved in the Highland Wear and Menswear Industry for over 40 years.

This has led Ken to hold the positions Vice-Chairman of The Scottish Tartans Authority and Deacon of the Incorporation of Weavers of Glasgow.

To mark Tartan Day, Ken tells you more about the history of the Paisley Tartan and the ways in which the fabric can be worn with this video.