Come and see the Monarch of the Glen at Paisley Museum

There’s not long left to see the stunning Monarch of the Glen at Paisley Museum – and Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron is urging everyone to go along and see the iconic Scottish painting.

Provost Cameron recently paid a visit to the Museum to the see the painting of the majestic red deer stag on a mist-covered Highland hilltop, by Sir Edwin Landseer, which is on display there for people to see for free until March 11.

Come and see the Monarch of the Glen at Paisley Museum

Youngsters from St Mary’s Primary, Paisley also visited the Museum to see the painting as part of their project about Paisley.

The Monarch of the Glen was painted in 1851 and has been used in modern times as an advertising tool on everything from beermats, biscuit tins to bottles of whisky.

The painting is an iconic image associated with Scotland and Paisley is only one of four venues in the country chosen by the National Galleries of Scotland for it to go on show.

Provost Cameron said: “I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to see the iconic Monarch of the Glen painting in Renfrewshire and it was great to see local schoolchildren also visiting, who will hopefully be inspired by the stunning piece.

“It’s only fitting that Paisley, being so rich in culture, should host this fantastic painting and I would encourage everyone to ensure they visit the Museum to see the eye-catching piece of artwork while it is here.”

The painting was bought for the nation for £4 million from drinks giant Diageo last year, after a four-month fundraising campaign supported by the National Lottery, Art Fund, the Scottish Government, private trusts and public donations. Diageo had agreed to sell the famous painting for half the market value.