5 reasons why Paisley can win UK City of Culture 2021

Paisley has submitted it’s second-stage bid in the UK City of Culture 2021 competition.

The bid was launched almost 2 years ago and it’s been a huge team effort from all Paisley Buddies to help make this journey possible.

Paisley is on the verge of something very special and together we can make it happen.

Here we take a look at just a small selection of the reasons why the town can win the title of UK City of Culture 2021.

1. Paisley punches well above its weight

Few places of similar size have made such a massive contribution to the world. The town has a global symbol in the Paisley Pattern, and a rich textile heritage that connected Paisley to the world.

2. Paisley town centre is a prime location for fascinating historical sites and stunning architecture.

The town centre is home to Scotland’s second-largest concentration of listed buildings (109), each with its very own unique story to tell.

3. Paisley is a producer of fantastic local talent. 


The town is home to creative hub the University of West of Scotland, West College Scotland, and PACE Youth Theatre - whose illustrious former members include James McAvoy, Paolo Nutini and Richard Madden. The town is also the birthplace of a number of famous names including Hollywood actor Gerard Butler, former Dr Who star David Tennant, singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty, designer Pam Hogg and artists Claire Barclay and John Byrne just to name a few.

4. Paisley already has a proven ability to host major events.


Paisley's existing events programme already brings in 300,000 attendances a year to big dates such as the British Pipe Band Championships, the Halloween Festival and The Spree.

5. The people of Paisley have already tuned the bid into a mass movement

More than 30,000 people have been involved in the conversation around the Paisley 2021 bid. As the bid moves forward this number will continue to grow and grow.