Though This Be Madness

When: 24 May 2020, 19:30 PM
Where: New Street,
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“There are many sisters in this story…”

One of them is bouncing on a Pilates ball in The Land of Lounge Room – a recovering mum and love-struck, sleep-deprived teat desperate to soothe her baby – so she can finish her sentence and tell you all this.

Unable to reach her sister Ophelia who wrestles with a cataract on what Shakespeare calls the ‘mind’s eye’, she attempts to ‘stay on the ball’ stitching together a fractured fiction told through poetry and performance.

How can we nurture our collective sanity?

Though This Be Madness wonders what delusions we might all share, questions the so-called sanity we are determined to live by and what we really mean when we call someone crazy.

Part of the Open Mind Festival & Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

£10/5 (conc) + bkg fee*

Suitable for ages 14+