Paisley makes people who make things happen

As proud as we are of our history, we have loads to shout about in the present too. Paisley has a thriving grassroots contemporary cultural scene already happening all around us.

We have a vibrant music and entertainment scene in local venues

We also have a packed programme of major events, including the annual The Spree festival every October, the hugely-popular Paisley Halloween Festival, and Sma’ Shot Day - our celebration of Paisley’s unique textile tale and one of the oldest workers’ festivals in the world.

The town is home to PACE Theatre Company – the UK’s largest youth theatre group – who induct hundreds of local children into the arts each year, with many a future star of stage and screen having passed through their factory of talent.

Speaking of stars, Paisley has produced plenty of them...Gerry Rafferty, John Byrne, Gerard Butler, Paolo Nutini and David Tennant to name just a few – all of them from here and shaped by here.

And Paisley is set up to churn out even more talented creative individuals... we are home to two highly-regarded educational institutions – the University of West of Scotland and West College Scotland.

With Scotland’s fourth-busiest rail station in the heart of the town and Glasgow Airport on our doorstep, to be from Paisley is to be connected to Scotland, the UK and the world.

We look forward to welcoming you.